Winilton Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has got permission of three sections from DRAP Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan

Winilton Quality Control Department is composed of 6 laboratories

  1. Chemical Testing Lab
  2. Physical Testing Lab
  3. Instruments Testing Lab
  4. Stability Studies Lab
  5. R & D Lab
  6. Microbiology Lab

Moreover, Quality Control Department has separate retaining sample rooms, separate chemical store room for QC testing, separate documentation record room.

Raw Material Hall is separated in five segments / rooms

Firstly is Quarantine area which starts from loading and unloading bay of raw material from vehicles and is fully under supervision of Quality Assurance Department

Second is Quarantine room which is equipped with de-dusters, de-cartoning instruments.

Third small room of Quarantine is under lock & key of Quality Assurance Department by sampling rods, sampling approved certificates by the QA Department

Fourth small room of Quarantine are is dedicated with lock & key for un approved rejected raw materials whom certificates are not issued by the QA Department

After the approval from QA with certificate, Raw Material is separately stored in very big part of the Raw material hall on pallets separately. Inactive and Active material is placed separately as well.

Separate room is dedicated for dispensing of the raw material under the cover of QA Department upon receiving of manufacturing order from QA Department.

Separate room in the hall is dedicated for temperature sensitive chemicals as labeled cold room.

A large separate hall is dedicated for the packing material including unit cartons, leaf inserts, Alu Alu , aluminum foil. For all these said items separate bay is dedicated in raw material hall for the packing materials.

Winilton finished good hall is an art of excellence with 20feet height, equipped with 6.5 flux lights and air conditioning system to control the temperature according to the requirements of GSP Good Storage Practices.